• TECHNO-AC Success CBI-116N [SUCCESS CBI-116N] Cable Locator

TECHNO-AC Success CBI-116N [SUCCESS CBI-116N] Cable Locator

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The Cable locator «Success CBI-116N» is the detective-diagnostic set, intended to survey a terrain before digging or excavation, locating electrical cables and electrically conductive underground utilities, determination of depth of their occurrence.

The principle of operation
The principle of operation of the cable locator is based on phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. The electromagnetic «EМD-247» sensor records variable electromagnetic field which is being produced around a cable under research of it or a pipeline and converts an electromagnetic signal into a power signal. An electrical signal enters the receiver, where it is passing amplification and filtering (the selection signal of the given frequency. The location of the maximum of electromagnetic field intensity measured above the ground, corresponds to the axis of the desired communication. The operator on the signal in the head phones and the LED indicator determines the location of the alignment and possible defects of communication. 

  • Operating frequencies: 50(60)* / 100(120)* / 512 / 1024 / 8192 / 32768 Hz
  • Broad band: 0,05 to 8,20kHz
  • Visual indication: LED scale (7 values)
  • Audio indication: headphones natural, filtered and synthesized signal. Built-in emitter - synthesized signal
  • Min and max method of cable tracing

Brief description:
  • Operating frequencies: 50(60), 100(120), 512, 1024, 8192, 32768 Hz
  • Broad band: 0.05 - 8.20 kHz
  • visual indication: LED scale (7 levels)
  • Audio indication: Several sound modes: natural, synthesized sound. Builr in speaker sound.
  • MIN/MAX cable location method


  • Location of underground energized cables at burial depth up to 6m
  • Trigonometric depth measurement

What's In The Box:

  • (1) Receiver AP-014
  • (1) Electromagnetic sensor EMD-247
  • (1) Headphones
  • (1) Set carrying bag
  • (1) EMD carrying bag
  • (1) Operation manual
  • (1) Technical passport


Instruction manual

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