Swoffer Instruments 3000 Series [3000-STDX] Current Velocity Meter with 2.5 ft. - 9.5 ft. Telescoping Wand

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Swoffer Open Stream Current Velocity Meter, Model 3000-STDX
Designed for taking flow measurements where it requires a long reach from the user such as in sewers, plant outfalls, canals, etc. Adjustable depth probe assists in placement of sensor when taking readings in multiple locations.

The portable, handheld Swoffer Model 3000-STDX with Telescoping Wand features weatherproof construction and digital display. Complete with 2"-dia., glass-filled nylon propeller and PVC-jacketed cable that is equal to the length of the fully extended wand plus 5'.
The Model 3000 Current Meter is a computer/datalogger version of the Model 2100, allowing on-site computation of stream discharges. The easy-to-use keypad allows you to input key information such as velocity angles, velocity-averaging period and units of measurement. The computer memory stores calibration data, velocity-averaging period and units of measurement. The computer memory stores calibration data, calculates accumulated discharge, stamps data with month, day, year and time, spare propeller.


  • Records depths, widths, velocities, flow angles, time/date ("stations")
  • Memory holds 1000 "stations" in up to 100 cross sections for later upload to a PC
  • Calculates discharge
  • Velocity sampling interval is selectable from 1 to 999 seconds
  • Calibration ratings for 10 different sensor options are stored
  • Powered by four AA size batteries
  • Designed to function with Price type AA and Pygmy meters with or without optic sensors
  • Can be easily field-calibrated to operate with any contact closure type sensor

What's In The Box:

  • (2) Set atteries (AA for Models 3000 or 9 volt for Models 2100).
  • (2) Propeller rotor assemblies (2100-A21).
  • (1) A spare propeller (2100-Prop, 2" (50 mm) size).
  • (1) Hands-free harness and neck strap (Models 3000) and neck strap only (Models 2100).
  • (1) Sensor and cable assembly (2100-A22).
  • (1) 2.5 ft. - 9.5 ft. Telescoping Wand
  • (1) Operating Instructions 
  • (1) USB connection cable and software 
  • (1) One year manufacturer's warranty 


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