TECHNO-AC Success CBI-309N [SUCCESS CBI-309N] Digital Cable Locator

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The Cable locator Success CBI-309N working principle.
The working principle is based on the analysis of the electromagnetic field, created by the alternative current flowing through communications. The electrical signals induced in the receiver sensors are amplified, filtered, processed by the processor and displayed on the graphical display in the form of the communication position line, linear scale, and the graphic of the signal level change, digital value of the signal level amplification coefficient, distance to the communication axis, the value of the current flowing through it, and other parameters. 

  • Monoblock receiver AP-019.1 with built-in omnidirectional antenna
  • direct digital measurement of cable current
  • direct digital depth measurement up to 10 m

Brief description:
  • two modes of operation: "ROUTE” and "GRAPHIC”
  • three inbuilt sensors make omnidirectional antenna showing a cable direction on LCD
  • inbuilt sensor for digital measurement of the depth and current
  • large LCD display with high resolution and adjustable backlight brightness


  • Detection of energized cables underground up to 10 m
  • Direct digital measurement of the depth up to 10 m
  • Direct measurement of the current
  • Indication of the deviation from the utility axis in the mode “ROUTE”

What's In The Box:

  • (1) Receiver АP-019.1
  • (4) Battery alkaline R14
  • (1) Receiver case
  • (1) Operation manual
  • (1) Technical passport
  • (1) Set carrying bag


Instruction manual

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