TECHNO-AC Success ATP-434E [SUCCESS ATP-434E] Cable Locator and Acoustic Fault Detector

4 - 6 MINGGU
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Based on receiver AP-027, EMD-247 sensor and acoustic sensor AD-227.

  • AP-027 digital location receiver
  • Energized cable detection underground up to 6 m depth
  • Acoustic  cable fault detection

Brief description:
  • Storage of 31 signal level with a graph displayed
  • Visual indication of the signal on the display: scale, graphic and spectrum
  • Graphic visualization (moving chart) of sequence of measurements, max and min signal levels
  • Sound indication: natural and synthesized sound
  • Broadband mode: 0.05 to 8.6 kHz
  • Broadband (fault mode): 0.09 to 2.20 kHz
  • Min and max method of tracing
  • Light weight
  • Comfortable to wear for long terms
  • LCD display

  • Detection of energized cable lines underground up to 6 m depth by passive method.
  • Cable fault location by electromagnetic and acoustic methods (with high-voltage pulse transmitter,
      which is not included into the set).
  • Detection of insulation deterioration on cables by contact and non-contact methods.
  • Burial depth measurement by passive method.

What's In The Box:
  • (1) Receiver АP-027
  • (1) Electromagnetic sensor EMD-247
  • (1) Acoustic sensor AD-227
  • (1) Headphones
  • (1) Holder for АР-027
  • (1) Screwdriver
  • (1) Set carrying bag
  • (1) EMD carrying bag
  • (1) Operation manual
  • (1) Technical passport


Instruction manual

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