Fluke TiX580 60 Hz [FLK-TIX580 60HZ] Infrared Camera -4 to 1472°F (-20 to 800°C)

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The Fluke TIX580 60 HZ, 640 x 480, .93 mRad, Expert Thermal Imaging Camera with SuperResolution (-4 - 1472°F) brings out your best to work, while meeting the rigorous demands of your industry. With up to 640 x2 40 resolution, a large 5.7 in touchscreen and a 240° rotating lens, the answer is right before your eyes. While there are other auto focus systems on the market, Fluke takes it one step further - you get consistently in-focus images, every single time. All infrared camera users know that focus is the most important aspect of an infrared inspection. Without in-focus image temperatures, measurements may not be accurate and it is much easier to miss a problem.

IR-Fusion Technology: Precisely Blended Images Offer More Detail
Infrared images alone can be difficult to understand, which is why Fluke pioneered IR-Fusion technology. Automatically capture a visible image with every infrared image; this allows you to always know exactly what you are looking at. And image quality is everything when it comes to quickly analyzing infrared images - you need the right level of detail to pinpoint specific areas of concern. IR-Fusion blends visible light and infrared images to capture a clear 5MP real-world picture of your target. Blend at different preset levels and add picture-in-picture (PIP) to capture an incredibly revealing hybrid image.

  • Not calibrated below -10°C
  • ±2°C or 2% accuracy, whichever is greater (@ 25°C)
  • 640 x 480 (307,200 pixels)
  • 1280 x 960 with SuperResolution
  • ≤0.05°C at 30°C target temp (50mK) thermal sensitivity
  • Standard lens, IFOV 0.93mRad, D:S 1065:1
  • LaserSharp auto focus & advanced manual focus
  • 60Hz frame rate, 2x, 4x, & 8x digital zoom
  • -4 to 1472°F (-20 to 800°C) temp measurement range

    What's In The Box:

    • (1) AC Power Supply
    • (1) Battery Pack Charger (Universal Adapter)
    • (2) Rugged Lithium Ion Smart Battery Packs
    • (1) USB Cable
    • (1) HDMI video Cable
    • (1) Rugged, hard carrying case
    • (1) Warranty Registration Card
    • (1) Calibration Certificate
    • (1) Available by Free Download: Fluke Connect Desktop Software and User Manual

    Instruction manual

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