PCE Instruments PCE-LOC 20 [PCE-LOC 20] Current/Voltage Data Logger

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PCE-LOC 20 Current/Voltage data logger For Simulation and Measurement of Current and Voltage / Li-Ion battery / Continuity tester / Ramp function / Data logger.
The The current/voltage data logger PCE-LOC 20 can be used to directly simulate process currents in current loop, mV and mA. This allows the current/voltage data logger to be used to set process displays, data loggers, paperless recorders, etc. Thanks to the galvanically isolated connections, this current/voltage data logger can simultaneously serve as a source and as a measuring device. Here, it does not matter whether currents are measured and voltages are simulated, since the functions work completely independently of each other.

The current/voltage data logger PCE-LOC 20 has a high accuracy of 0.02% of the measured value in all operating modes. The current/voltage data logger is powered by a rechargeable battery that can be charged via a USB power adapter. The memory can also be read out by the current/voltage data logger via this interface. For ease of operation, the LCD contributes from the current/voltage data logger.

In addition to the direct specification of the simulated parameters, the current/voltage data logger has a ramp mode that allows the parameters to be changed incrementally and automatically over a defined period of time. The current/voltage data logger PCE-LOC 20 can also specify the scaled process value. This means, for example, that a temperature in °C / °F is specified directly and the current/voltage data logger simulates the analog process value in mA.


  • Simultaneous simulation and measurement mode
  • Battery operation
  • For mA, mV and V
  • Graphic display
  • Supply of sensors possible
  • Manual mode & ramp function
  • Continuity test
  • Data logger function

    What's In The Box:
    • (1) Current/Voltage Data Logger PCE-LOC 20
    • (2) Laboratory cables with 2 mm plug
    • (2) Adapter 2 mm on 4 mm laboratory cable
    • (2) Alligator clips
    • (1) Mini USB cable
    • (1) Power supply 5V / 1 A
    • (1) Carrying bag
    • (1) Software
    • (1) User manual


    Instruction manual

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