UE Systems Ultraprobe 15000 [100-UP 15000TS] Touch Digital Ultrasonic Inspection System

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100-UP 15000TS
UE Systems
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Use on-board spectrum analysis, record, take pictures, take temperature readings all with one touch!.
The development engineers at UE Systems have been working on a super detection system that combines state-of-the-art technology with each and every known plant inspection requirement in order to create an entire ultrasonic condition monitoring laboratory to fit in the palm of your hand.

Touch screen operation
The Ultraprobe® 15,000 has a durable, tough & easy to clean touch screen operating system. The digital technology offers us the possibility to always be in 1 to 3 clicks to the point where you need to be, making this the most efficient ultrasound inspection tool in the world!


  • Touch screen technology
  • Plan & review routes, images and sounds on-board
  • Multiple data screens: dB / temperature / spectrum analysis
  • Take temperature readings with infrared thermometer & adjust emissivity
  • Determine and store the RPM of a rotating asset with the fully integrated strobe light
  • Analyze conditions with the on-board spectrum analyzer
  • Photograph test points with on-board camera
  • Pinpoint locations with laser pointer
  • Review alarm groups & generate reports
  • Store data, sound recordings and images
  • Review historical record data

What's In The Box:
  • (1) On-board Frequency Analyzing
  • (1) Laser Pointer
  • (1) Built-In Visual Camera
  • (1) Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Measurement
  • (1) Tri-Sonic Scanning Module
  • (1) Stethoscope Module (contact type)
  • (1) Warble Tone Generator
  • (1) Deluxe Noise Isolating Headset
  • (1) LRM Long Range Module
  • (1) Spectralyzer Sound Analysis Software License & Update free
  • (1) Ultratrend Data Management Software License & Update free
  • (1) Rubber Focusing Probe for narrowing reception field
  • (1) Battery Recharger with Spare Battery & External Recharging POD
  • (1) RAS-MT Magnetic Sensor with BNC connection readable with the Ram Module
  • (1) RAM Adaptor enabling the UP15,000 to read RAS sensors
  • (1) SD Card to USB Reader (allows reading of SD to PC via USB port)
  • (1) HTS Belt Holster set
  • (1) Zero Haliburton Case
  • (1) Manuals, Software and training materials


Instruction manual

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