• Hioki IM3570 Impedance Analyzer, Wide Band 4Hz-5Mz for High Speed Testing and Frequency Sweeping

Hioki IM3570 Impedance Analyzer, Wide Band 4Hz-5Mz for High Speed Testing and Frequency Sweeping

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The Hioki IM3570 Impedance Analyzer, LCR meter and impedance analyzer is capable of measurement frequencies of 4 Hz to 5 MHz and test signal levels of 5 mV to 5 V combined into one measuring instrument. Advanced capabilities include LCR measurement with AC signals, resistance measurement with direct current (DCR), and sweep measurement which continuously changes the measurement frequency and measurement level.

The IM3570 facilitates high-speed continuous measurement under different measurement conditions and measurement modes, so inspection lines which up to now have required multiple measuring instruments can be equipped with just one device.

Hioki LCR Meters and Impedance Analyzers range from 1mHz to 3GHz devices to suit a wide range of applications in the testing of electronic components. The IM3570 is ideal for use in applications requiring low-ESR measurement on the order of several milliohms, for example testing of functional polymer capacitors, due to its superior low-impedance repeatability.

  • LCR, DCR, sweep, and continuous measurement with high-speed testing in a single unit
  • Maximum test speeds of 1.5ms (1 kHz) and 0.5ms (100kHz) in LCR mode
  • High basic accuracy of Z parameter: ±0.08%
  • Ideal for testing the resonance characteristics of piezoelectric elements, C-D and low ESR measurement of functional polymer capacitors, DCR and L-Q measurement of inductors (coils and transformers)
  • Perform frequency sweeps, level sweeps, and time interval measurements in analyzer mode
  • support for high-speed switching of measurement conditions

What's In The Box:
  • (1) Power cord
  • (1) Instruction manual
  • (1) PC communication manual


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