• eeTools FlashMax Series [FlashMax-2G] High-density Production Programmer

eeTools FlashMax Series [FlashMax-2G] High-density Production Programmer

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High  speed universal device programmer, supports Stand-Alone / USB 2.0 port, Includes standard 48-pin DIP sockets (2), 8 x 40 LCD screen, 22 Keys, (13 lbs); Standard Socket Type: 48-Pin DIP; Socket / unit: 2
FlashMax production programmer comes in either a 2-, 4-, 8- or 16-socket version that supports both NOR and NAND flash with user file systems (Bad Block Management) and is optimized for high density, high quality, and high-speed production. This state-of-the-art programmer enables high speed programming algorithms that optimize throughput, reliability, and yields. FlashMax supports fast data downloads via USB 2.0 up to 8 MBytes. FlashMax operates in local mode (stand-alone) and remote mode from a PC through USB connection. FlashMax comes with 2 GB buffer memory that can be used for various device families. It’s the ultimate low price, high performance production programmer.


  • High-speed (2, 4, 8 or 16 devices at once)
  • Stand-alone or PC-based operation via USB
  • Supports module type adapter
  • Supports various NAND algorithms (Magic-eye, XSR, GBBM, EFS, RFS, etc,)
  • Auto Start Button Function (Erase ? Blank Check ? Program ? Verify with a single operation)
  • Data Transfer Rate: 2 MBytes/sec

What's In The Box:
  • (1) Power Cord
  • (1) USB Cable
  • (1) Software CD
  • (1) User's Guide


Instruction manual

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