Pico Technology 3-axis NVH [PP986] Diagnostic Kit with Carry Case

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The Pico Technology’s PicoDiagnostics 3-Axis NVH Kit (PP986) is the solution for identifying noise, vibration, and harshness problems facing automotive workshops. On-the-spot diagnosis aids come in the form of bar graphs, frequency charts, 3D frequency charts, RPM order or road speed view displays.  Start recording prior to the road test, and play it back later – this insures that the driver can concentrate on the road and not the PC!

The PicoDiagnostics 3-Axis NVH kit uses a PicoScope 4000 Series Automotive oscilloscope (4425, 4225, 4423, or 4223) and is all you need - apart from a J2534 Scantool or VCI (not supplied). Investing in the PicoDiagnostics NVH kit will benefit any automotive repair business and will pay for itself quickly. If you already possess a PicoScope 4000 Series Automotive oscilloscope, you have half the equipment needed already!

Includes both a 3-axis accelerometer and a microphone
  • Full screen, high-resolution results are presented clearly and accurately
  • No external memory required – saves directly to laptop or PC
  • Record up to 500 seconds of data
  • Automatic analysis
  • Detects multiple vehicle vibrations
  • Customer report function
  • Plugs into your Automotive PicoScope® (sold separately)

The 3-Axis NVH kit PP986 requires an unlock key in order to allow a specific PicoScope to work with the NVH software - one key is included with each kit. Each unlock key is limited to one PicoScope automotive scope and is not transferable.  


  • 3-axis NVH Diagnostic kit
  • Simple bar charts and easy-to-read results make for quick diagnosis and ease of use. Full analysis
      and advanced features (including waterfall and spectral displays) are at your fingertips
  • Designed for road testing, workshop diagnosis and driveline balancing
  • Detects and isolates multiple vibrations and noises providing help and advice on causes and fixes
  • Can use a J2534-compliant interface or an alternative speed signal input for engine speed data -
      this is particularly useful for older or non-compliant vehicles
  • Full screen, high-resolution results are presented clearly and accurately
  • Record up to 500 seconds of data with automatic analysis

What's In The Box:

  • (1) TA259 3-output NVH interface unit
  • (1) TA096 Mounting magnet for accelerometer
  • (1) TA143 MEMS accelerometer
  • (1) TA243 Cable: insulated BNC to BNC 0.5 m blue
  • (1) TA244 Cable: insulated BNC to BNC 0.5 m red
  • (1) TA245 Cable: insulated BNC to BNC 0.5 m green
  • (1) TA144 Microphone for NVH kit
  • (1) TA145 Sensor extension cable for NVH interface unit
  • (1) PA047 Carry case for NVH kit


Instruction manual

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