• Amprobe LAN1 [LAN-1] LAN Cable Tester

Amprobe LAN1 [LAN-1] LAN Cable Tester

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The Amprobe LAN-1 Cable Tester is designed for testing opens, shorts and miswired cable installations. It is designed to work with various data cables and connectors.

The LAN1 cable tester provides a quick go/no-go LED display of the wiring and connection of item under test. The LAN-1 includes two sets of LED lights for source and test indication. Remote termination module tests installed cable on wall plate or patch panels. You can either step through the test cable wiring one at a time or have the unit automatically pulse through the pin-outs and display the results.

  • Test pin configuration for:
  • 10/100 base -T cable
  • 10 base-2 cable
  • RJ45 modular cables
  • AT&T 258A cable
  • EIA/TIA 568A/568B cables
  • Token ring cable
  • Verify the cable wiring for continuity, opens, shorts or incorrect wiring
  • Test installed cable on wall plate or the patch panels by using the remote termination module
  • Perform loopback test or remote test
  • Buzzer sound warning for error condition in cable
  • Two sets of LED lights for source and test indication
  • Maximum line length: > 300 meters
  • Connector types: RJ45, BNC

What's In The Box:
  • (1) Users manual
  • (1) 9V battery (installed)
  • (1) remote terminator
  • (1) RJ45 to female BNC cable
  • (1) RJ45 to male BNC cable
  • (1) RJ45 to RJ45 cable
  • (1) Female BNC to Female BNC cable


Instruction manual

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