Delta Ohm HD 2010UC [HD2010UC.Kit 1] Integrating Sound Level Meter and Analyzer - Class 1

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HD2010UC.Kit 1
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The HD2010UC is an integrating portable sound level meter performing statistical analyses. The instrument has been designed combining price competitiveness and simplicity of use. Attention has been paid to the possibility of updating the instrument, and the HD2010UC can be integrated, at any time, with other options like “Advanced Data Logger” to extend its application scope. The firmware can be upgraded directly by the user using the NoiseStudio program supplied with the instrument. The HD2010UC conforms to IEC 61672-1 of 2002, IEC 60651 and IEC 60804 specifications with class 2 or class 1 tolerances. The acoustic calibrator complies with IEC 60942 class 2 or class 1 specifications. The HD2010UC is an integrating sound level meter and analyzer suitable for the following applications:

  • Assessment of the environmental noise level,
  • Occupational noise measurements at the workplace (according to ISO9612)
  • Measurement at the workplace,
  • Selection of personal protective equipment,
  • Production quality control,
  • Measurement of machine noise. 

Using a HD2010UC you can measure the sound level by programming 3 parameters and freely selecting the frequency weightings and time constants. You can measure parameters such as Leq, SEL and maximum and minimum sound levels with integration times from 1 second to 99 hours. If an undesired sound event produces an over-load indication, or simply alter the result of an integration, its contribution can be excluded using the versatile Back-Erase function. The measured sound levels can be recorded in the large non-volatile memory in order to be transferred to a PC using the supplied NoiseStudio program.

For long term noise monitoring needs, it’s possible to increase the HD2010UC storing capacity with the optional HD2010MC Secure Digital memory card reader. This device is supplied complete with a 2GB memory card. As a statistical analyzer, the HD2010UC samples the sound signal 8 times per second with Afrequency weighting and FAST constant, and it analyzes it statistically in 0.5 dB classes. It is possible to display up to 3 percentile levels between L1 and L99. For further analysis, the LINE un-weighted output allows recording the sound signal either on tape or directly on a PC equipped with a audio acquisition card.

The high speed of the USB interface combined with the flexibility of the RS232 interface allows quick data transfers from the sound level meter to the PC mass storage, but can also control a modem or printer. For example, in case of lengthy recordings, you can activate the “Monitor” function. This function allows to send the displayed data to a PC via the RS232 serial interface, to be directly stored on the PC mass storage. The sound level meter can be completely controlled by a PC through the multistandard serial interface (RS232 and USB) by using a special communication protocol. Through the RS232 interface, the sound level meter can also be connected to a PC via modem. 


  • Class 1 integrating sound level meter and spectral analyzer kit with datalogging functions and
     4MB memory, Backlit LCD.
  • Real-time spectral analysis, class 1 according to IEC61260:1997, in octave bands from 32Hz to 8kHz.
  • Measurement range 30dB - 140dB, linear range 80dB.
  • High stability condenser ½” microphone, pre-polarized for
  • free field measurements
  • The kit DOES NOT INCLUDE the acoustic calibrator.

What's In The Box:

  • (1) HD2010UC sound level meter class 1,

  • (1) UC52/1 pre polarized condenser microphone ½”
  • (1) DSAV windscreen,
  • (1) HD2010PNE2 preamplifier (or HD2010PNE2W with opt.HD2010.OE)
  • (1) HD2110USB Connecting Cable/Device to Computer (M12 to USB)
  • (1) Noise Studio(*) basic software downloadable from Delta OHM website
  • (1) Carrying case,
  • (1) IEC 61672 manufacturer conformity declaration


Instruction manual

Noise Studio Software

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