Schiltknecht Messtechnik MiniWater20 [MINIWATER20] Open Channel Water Flow Meter

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The MiniWater 20 is now available with the MC20 display and control unit. The MC20 provides a handheld measuring instrument designed for water flow, humidity and temperature measurements. The MC20 includes a TFT colour display with a small keypad and can display all three parameters simultaneously with min, max and average values. Turbine probes are available with Micro or Mini sized heads with flow ranges up to 5 or 10m/s. A MicroSD card is supplied with each unit and allows data to be stored. An IR interface allows data transmission to a local protocol printer.

The MiniWater 20 handheld open channel flow meter consists of an MC20 display and portable turbine flow sensor. The MC20 is a dual channel handheld measuring instrument suitable for water flow, temperature and humidity measurements using the detachable turbine flow sensor and HygroAir 20 probes.

The MiniWater 20 turbines are available in two different sizes: Micro; and Mini, with two different flow ranges available for each 0-5ms and 0-10m/s. The standard probes are a synthetic plastic construction snap head with an Aluminium vane turbine and handle. The handle has an M12 thread, which allows for the addition of extension rods to make it easier to reach a required depth. Short 180 and 300mm extensions are available, as well a a telescopic rod that can extend up to 1m. The MC20 display can be used with any of the MiniWater 20 Probes and will automatically detect the connected probe during the initial start up process and adjust the readings to match those of the connected probe.


  • Suitable for use with all MiniWater 20 flow sensors.
  • Temp, RH and water flow sensors can be connected simultaneously
  • Large TFT display
  • All three channels can be displayed simultaneously
  • Average, mini and max readings can be displayed simultaneously
  • Easy operation by key pad
  • Carry case available for all sensor options, display and IR printer.
  • IR interface for on-site report printer.
  • Memory and logger functions, internal memory for 100 readings.
  • Supplied with 1GB SD memory card (1 million readings) and charger.

What's In The Box:
  • (1) Battery charger with cable
  • (1) 1GB SD memory card.
  • (1) MC20 is suitable for use with MiniAir20, MiniWater20 and HygroAir probes.
  • Probe (Sold seprately)


Instruction manual

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