• Rickly Hydrological 102-001 AquaCalc 5000 Computer

Rickly Hydrological 102-001 AquaCalc 5000 Computer

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The AquaCalc 5000, 102-001, is an electronic streamflow measurement and data logging device designed for use with USGS Price-type current meters. The hand held AquaCalc 5000 contains algorithms for both Type AA and Pygmy current meters, thereby displaying the velocity at each subsection. Total streamflow can be displayed by simply pushing a button. This replaces the headphone, stopwatch, rating table and notepad for a much more efficient way to make discharge measurements.

The AQ 5000 was designed to be used with the standard Type AA, Type AA-MH or Pygmy current meter and requires no modifications to the meters. This allows maximum versatility so that the same meter can be used with either headphones or the AQ 5000. It can also be used with both wading rod or cable suspension by sounding reel. This unit does so much more than just a digital velocity indicator. It not only displays velocity but at each subsection either 0.2, 0.6, 0.8 measurements can be entered as well as the distance between each station. Then, at the end of the measurement a single button "Calculate Discharge" is pushed and the total flow in CFS or CMS is displayed. During the measurement the display continuously shows velocity, time, and revolutions so the measurement can be observed during the full 40 second averaging period or this time can be programmed for any non-standard time.

Other features include programmability for non-standard meters (horizontal axis propeller meters), angle correction, surging flow compensation and automatic power off. At the end of the day or in the field with a laptop PC the data collected can be downloaded by RS-232 cable and software CD (both provided) to your office computer for data analysis and report printing. Data can be printed out in standard USGS discharge measurement format. When the AquaCalc is attached to a top-set wading rod with the optional rod mount and adapter, stream measurement becomes a one-handed operation.


  • Compatible with Price AA and Pygmy type current meters
  • Accepts non-standard meter ratings
  • Stores nine complete cross sections, with 99 vertical measurements for each cross section
  • LCD display
  • 20 hour battery life with low battery warning. Battery can be changed without loss of data
  • On-board memory backup

What's In The Box:
  • (1) AquaCalc
  • (1) AquaCalc to wading rod cable
  • (1) AquaCalc to PC data transfer cable
  • (1) Registration card
  • (1) Manual
  • (1) DataLink Installation program


Instruction manual

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