• Rickly Hydrological 101-050 Mini Current Meter w/Type 1 Propeller

Rickly Hydrological 101-050 Mini Current Meter w/Type 1 Propeller

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The Model 6505 Miniature Current Meter is a smaller scaled Ott-type meter for use in shallow streams and canals with a wading rod. Its range of operation is 0.1 to 19 feet per second (0.03 to 6 meters per second) with multiple propellers. The Model 6505 Miniature Current Meter consists of a streamlined body which houses the sensing mechanism, an encapsulated reed switch and the horizontal axis propeller shaft which has a permanent magnet mounted such that each rotation of the shaft produces a pulse from the reed switch. The pulses are conducted through a lead to the surface where they are counted by a Current Meter Counter. The velocity of the stream is proportional to the rotations of the propeller. Each Model 6505 comes with a type 1, 3, or 5 propeller, instrument case, oil and tools and is provided with a calibration certificate and rating table (Bargo and Barel). Current meter counter is sold separately.

The Model 6505 design offers:

  • Streamlined nickel silver body 
  • Low Start Velocity - signals are generated by a magnet impulse device with no mechanical retardation of the
  • Ease of replacement of the reed switch assembly 
  • Encapsulated reed switch to resist damage from dropping or knocking

What's In The Box:

  • (1) Mini Current Meter
  • (1) Type 1 Propeller (50mm x 0.05m)
  • (1) Instrument case
  • (1) Oil and tools
  • (1) Calibration certificate
  • (1) Rating table (Bargo and Barel)
  • (1) Instruction manual


Instruction manual

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