• Onset HOBO U-DTW-1 [U-DTW-1] Waterproof Shuttle

Onset HOBO U-DTW-1 [U-DTW-1] Waterproof Shuttle

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The HOBO Waterproof Shuttle provides convenient readout and relaunching of underwater and outdoor HOBO data loggers with an Optic USB interface, and is waterproof to 20m (66ft). The HOBO Waterproof Shuttle can also be used as a base station.

NOTE: Couplers are included for compatibility with our U-series loggers with optical communication, including the UA Pendants, U20 water level, U22 Water Temp Pro, UTBI TidbiT, U23 Pro Temp/RH, U24 Conductivity and U26 DO data loggers.


  • Environments: The U-DTW-1 is for use in Indoor, Outdoor and Underwater environments

    What's In The Box:
    • (1) USB cable
    • (1) UA Pendant(COUPLER2-A)
    • (1) U20 Water Level(COUPLER2-B)
    • (1) U20L Water Level, U22Water Temp Pro v2, U24Conductivity, and U26 DO(COUPLER2-C)
    • (1) UTBI TidbiT v2(COUPLER2-D)
    • (1) U23 HOBO Pro v2(COUPLER2-E)
    • Required Items:
      • HOBOware Pro 2.2 or later
      • Compatible logger andmatching coupler


    Instruction manual

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