• Altek 820 TechChek Multifunction Process Calibrators

Altek 820 TechChek Multifunction Process Calibrators

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DIHENTIKAN. Digantikan oleh PIE 820Lighten your load by taking the Altek 820 TechChek to every site. It's like bringing a cartload of test equipment from the shop to the control room or the field. The TechChek 820 sources & reads DC like a milliamp or voltage calibrator, simulates and measures T/Cs & RTDs like a temperature calibrator and generates and counts frequency & Counts-Per-Minute like a frequency calibrator. Your TechChek can also help you trouble shoot like a multimeter! It checks continuity and measures AC line voltage without carrying a separate instrument. The TechChek 820 is easy to use. Select a function, choose a range, and turn the knob for the precise output you need. Plus, you can store three output values per range for instant recall with the QUIK-CHEK® switch.

Use at every point in your 4 to 20 mA loop. You can Source & Read 0.00 to 24.00 mA, Simulate a Two-Wire Transmitter or the use the TechChek 820 to simultaneously Power & Measure your Two-Wire Transmitters.

Calibrate all your DC millivolt and voltage instrumentation. Source from 0.00 to 110.00 mV and 0.00 to 10.25 V. Read up to 110.00 mV, 11.00 V and 200.0 VDC.

Source and read directly in °C and °F for T/C types J, K, T & E with 1° resolution. Cold junction compensation automatically adjusts for ambient temperature changes.

Built-in Platinum 100 Ohm DIN/IEC 751 table displays in °C or °F. No more decade box and hard-to-read tables. Also reads and sources in Ohms.

Generate Zero Crossing square waves from 1 to 1000 Hz, 0.01 to 10.00 kHz and from 1 to 1000 CPM (Counts-Per-Minute). Also measures as a frequency counter.

  • Functions Like a Calibrator 
    • Milliamps, Voltage, RTD, T/C & Frequency.
  • Measures Like a Multimeter
    • Measure AC/DC Volts, Ohms & Continuity.
  • Digital Accuracy with Analog Simplicity
    • Speed sensitive digital pot for fast adjustment.
  • Typical Accuracy to ±0.025%
    • Accurate to 0.02 mA, V or Hz, 1¡C, & 0.3 Ohms. 
    • Reads & Sources Standard Process Signals - 
    • ¡C, ¡F, mA, % 4 to 20, V, mV, Ohms, Hz & CPM.
  • Easy-to-Use
    • Simple, menu-less operation.
  • User Settable Quik-Chek Switch
    • Set any Span and Zero.
  • Minimum & Maximum Tracking
    • Instantly recall the highest & lowest measurements.
  • Standard AA Alkaline Batteries
    • Long battery life with quick battery changes.

What's In The Box:
  • (6) Alkaline AA batteries
  • (1) Deluxe case with neck strap for Hands-free operation
  • (1) Detachable leads
  • (1) Alligator Clips
  • (1) Test Probes
  • (1) Spade Lugs


Instruction manual

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