• Global Water WE800 [EH0000] Weather Station Data Logger

Global Water WE800 [EH0000] Weather Station Data Logger

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The Global Water's Weather Station offers state-of-the-art technology for continuous logging, storing and retrieving of weather information. The GL500 Datalogger, the product's durable and powerful data logging and recording unit, is enclosed in a sturdy weatherproof case. The unit will operate for several months before its 12VDC battery requires recharging.

Weather data can be accessed easily either through a real-time report or through a log of recorded data (programming and calibration are not required). Maximums, minimums and averages can also be obtained from the data using most spreadsheet programs. All data loggers contain a real time clock that date and time stamps each record. All weather data collected by the data recorder can easily be transferred to a disk file for future analysis and storage. The data can be imported into any standard spreadsheet program.

NOTE: 64 bit operating systems are not currently supported.

In addition to the GL500 Datalogger the standard Global Water Weather Station includes the following weather sensors and hardware:

  • WE550 Wind Speed Sensor
  • WE570 Wind Direction Sensor
  • WE700 Temperature Sensor
  • WE600 Humidity Sensor
  • WE770 Solar Shield
  • WE820 Mounting frame 


  • Fully integrated, easy-to-use, and economical
  • High quality, rugged, industrial grade sensors for monitoring, alarming, and reporting
  • Powerful and durable datalogging
  • Operates for several months on internal, rechargeable battery or continuously with solar panel additions
  • Global Water's Windows-based datalogging software provides many useful features, such as real time monitoring,
      measurement interval and engineering unit selections, station ID, and sensor calibration
  • Wind Direction, Wind Speed, Humidity, and Temperature Sensor electronics are fully encapsulated in
      marine grade epoxy for complete environmental protection and a long operating life

What's In The Box:

  • (1) Weather Sensors:
    • WE550 Wind Speed Sensor
    • WE570 Wind Direction Sensor
    • WE700 Temperature Sensor
    • WE600 Humidity Sensor
    • WE770 Solar Shield
  • (1) Weather Sensor Manual
  • (1) Datalogger
  • (1) Datalogger Communication package (Datalogger Manual, Software, Cable)
  • (1) Mounting Hardware
  • (1) Weather Station Manual
  • (1) 12V Battery (inside Datalogger)
  • (1) Battery charger

Instruction manual

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