• Extech CL200 [CL200] ExStik Chlorine Meter

Extech CL200 [CL200] ExStik Chlorine Meter

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Direct reading of Total Chlorine down to 0.01ppm.
CL200 is an ExStik® Chlorine Meter. This revolutionary technique measures Direct Total Residual Chlorine from 0.01ppm to 10ppm. It makes non-subjective measurements unaffected by interferences associated with traditional colorimeters and spectrophotometers like sample color, turbidity, light, and pollutants. This product comes with an electrode, five packs of 10 reagent tablets (50 tests), a protective sensor cap, a sample cup with cap, four CR2032 batteries, and a 48” neck strap.


  • Direct reading of Total Chlorine provides fast and easy measurements (less than a minute)
  • Low detection limit down to 0.01ppm
  • Wide dynamic range of measurement up to 10ppm
  • Unaffected by sample color or turbidity
  • Automatic electronic calibration

What's In The Box:

  • (1) Electrode
  • (1) Five Packs Of 10 Reagent Tablets (50 Tests)
  • (1) A Protective Sensor Cap
  • (1) A Sample Cup With Cap
  • (4) Cr2032 Batteries
  • (1) 48” Neck Strapa

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