Eno Scientific Well Watch 700 [0700] Water Level Monitor

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The Well Watch 700 is a simple to use self-contained acoustic ranging instrument designed specifically to find the distance through a closed pipe (well casing or sounding tube as small as 1/2”) from one closed end to the to the other. The Well Watch works by sending a low frequency sound pulse into the pipe, then measuring the time it takes for the echo to return from the opposite end, which could be a plug or water surface. The distance is calculated using the sound speed and the time. The low frequency sound can follow the pipe around corners and in any direction up/down or horizontally. It can be used to measure any closed pipe, straight or crooked with a constant diameter.

The Well Watch 700 consists of a model 710 control unit and a model 730 smart probe which are which are interconnected by a 4 conductor cable. The 710 controller contains the driver electronics, processor, data logger, display, and keypad, while the smart probe contains a second processor, drive electronics, speaker, a microphone and a threaded spout to connect to the test pipe. 

When the unit powers on, it immediately begins sending sound pulses into the well and attempts to characterize the well. After a few seconds, the depth is calculated and output for the user. Data can be output in a variety of formats through the several outputs provided. The controller requires 12-36 vdc external power. The probe is powered by the controller through the 4 conductor interconnect cable. 

  • Measures water levels using sound waves, no risk of contamination
  • Complete well management and control, providing real time asset data
  • Simple external installation, no well decommissioning (prior or during)
  • Monitor levels in wells with caustic water without damaging the sensors, protecting equipment investments
  • Minimize or eliminate manual level measurements, reducing labor costs
  • Maintain well pressure while still obtaining real time data
  • Customizable data, set reference point/update frequency/logging rate
  • Integrates easily with SCADA and other communications method

What's In The Box:
  • (1) Control unit
  • (1) Smart Probe
  • (1) User manual


Instruction manual

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