• E Instruments AQ Comfort [Comfort-1] Handheld Indoor Air Quality Monitor Kit

E Instruments AQ Comfort [Comfort-1] Handheld Indoor Air Quality Monitor Kit

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CO2 Sensor (0-5000 ppm), Continuous Internal Sampling Pump, Operating Manual And Quick Reference, Li-Ion Battery And AC Charger, Factory Calibration Certificate.

The Latest in Indoor Air Quality Monitoring & Real-Time Data-Logging for IAQ Analysis in Homes, Schools, Offices, and much more.
An indoor air quality monitor will help you perform the most accurate IAQ parameter testing. If there is any detection of mold or other air-borne bacteria formed from outside pollutants, you will be able to detect it right away before it becomes a serious health and safety concern.

  • Multiple Parameters - Up to 6 Simultaneously 
  • CO2, CO, % RH, Temp, ∆T, ∆P
  • REAL-TIME Continuous Data Logging for Graphs, Data Review, IAQ reports
  • Active Internal Sampling Pump
  • Optional PC Software & USB
  • Temp TcK Input for ∆T
  • Differential Pressure
  • Light Weight, Durable, and Easy–to–Transport Design
  • Large Internal Memory
  • Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Easy to Use Menu System
  • Optional Handheld Probe
  • Optional Wireless Remote Printer
  • Easy Built-in, Menu-driven calibration procedure
  • Designed and Manufacturing in the USA

What's In The Box:
  • (1) Continuous Active Internal Sampling Pump
  • (1) Differential Pressure
  • (1) Differential Temperature
  • (1) Operating Manual
  • (1) Li-Ion Battery & AC Charger
  • (1) Factory Calibration Certificate

Instruction manual

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