Vibralign Fixturlaser ECO 100-ECO333 Laser Shaft Alignment

4 - 6 MINGGU
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Fixturlaser ECO presents the latest entry-level system for shaft alignment. The state of the art technology is incorporated to allow users to easily measure or solve their misalignment issues.

The 4" color Display Unit with rechargeable batteries connects the sensors wirelessly and an IP65 design allows for operations in harsh environments.

The alignment process is made easy to understand for the user as the interface shows the extent of misalignment and provides guidance on how much the machine's feet need to be adjusted.

The adjustment process guides the user to add or remove shims and a live values display is present for the horizontal adjustment process.

  • Integrated Bluetooth
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Pre-mounted Sensors
  • 4” Full-Color Screen
  • Integrated Verti-Zontal Software
  • Screen Flip
  • 8 hours of continuous-use battery time
  • CCD Sensor Technology

                                What's In The Box:
                                • (1) Fixturlaser DU ECO
                                • (1) Fixturlaser M6 
                                • (1) Fixturlaser S6 
                                • (2) V-bracket complete with chain
                                • (1) 5m Tape measure
                                • (1) Power Supply
                                • (4) USB-port
                                • (5) VDC, Ext power cable EUR/ US 2 m
                                • (2) Universal tool
                                • (2) USB-cable A-mini B 0,5 m black
                                • (2) USB-cable A-micro B 1,5m black
                                • (1) Manuals
                                • (1) Carrying case
                                • (1) Lifetime warranty standard


                                Instruction Manual
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