Divita LABlue AL4.003N Wireless Laser Shaft Alignment System with Standard Tablet

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The LABlue Wireless Laser Shaft Alignment System is the 5th generation resulting from over 15 years of experience in laser alignment. Its sturdy heads are made of aircraft anodized aluminum making them perfect for use in industrial environments. The small size laser transmitter-receiver head has a built-in long lasting battery (more than 6 hours operation) with a charging status signaling which avoids having cables. The wireless communication is via Bluetooth. 

The built-in electronic inclinometer keeps you from having to adjust levels and continuously indicates the shaft rotation angle. 
LABlue uses an extremely precise and linear detector, and therefore it does not require any correction. The universal chain brackets are simple to use and install.

LABlue Wireless Laser Shaft Alignment performs advanced and accurate laser shaft alignment for both horizontal and vertical machinery.

  • Precise Horizontal and Vertical Alignment
  • Machine Train Alignment up to 3 Machines
  • Soft foot Check
  • Thermal Growth Targets
  • Measurement in Machines with Restricted shaft rotation
  • Automatic Electronic Inclinometer (no levels needed)
  • Bluetooth® Wireless Communication
  • Built in Tolerance Tables
  • High Definition Color Graphics
  • Convenient Graphical User Interface
  • Rugged ABS Case, IP67
  • Save and Recall of Machine Geometry for efficient ease of use
  • Automatic Report generation

                                What's In The Box:
                                • (1) Head with X-Y detector plane
                                • (1) Reflector
                                • (1) Touch Screen 2 in 1 Laptop PC
                                • (1) ABS Protector case 
                                • (1) Battery charger (110-220 VAC)
                                • (1) Compact chain-type bracket set with 600 mm chain
                                • (1) Measuring Tape mm/inch.
                                • (1) CD with LABlue Software


                                Instruction Manual
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